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Message from the Principal

It is difficult to believe we are fast approaching the midpoint of the trimester.  Our Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on October 17th & 18th from 3:30 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.  These conferences are so important as most of our graduation required courses are yearlong classes.  It is essential that students master the skills and knowledge in each of these classes so they can be successful this trimester and beyond.

Also, this year our AHS faculty have implemented a new Attendance Incentive!  This incentive is strictly based on attendance.  If a student has one or less absence (Unexcused or Suspensions will exclude students from this opportunity) in a class, and the student notifies the teacher five days prior to the exam, the student may opt out of the final exam and keep their current grade in the course.  If the student elects to take the final exam, the exam grade will only be counted if it actually improves the students overall grade for the course.  This opportunity should allow students to prepare for exams they want to improve their grade, improve their attendance, and help them be successful in their classes.

We hope to see everyone this fall at conferences, and if you have questions about the attendance policy or incentive, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mission Statement

Students, staff, parents and community will work together to provide a safe and nurturing environment for everyone so that they may attain their full potential as positive, productive citizens. In the light of an ever-changing world, each student will be provided with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to succeed in our global society. Recognizing that education is a continuing process, we commit to this mission.

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